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David Schnug: Portfolio



Will o' the Wisp 
(2021 for heaadphone listening)


The Conjuring of Self-Discipline (2019)

Public Figure Cover Final.jpeg

Public Figure (2018)


Vernacular (2016)

David Schnug Trio- Image.jpg

David Schnug Trio (2012)



[Special] Productions- The Tragic Theme

Treetops Final Cover w_text.jpeg

[Special] Productions feat. City The King- Treetops (2019)

Black Nails_edited.png

Public Figure- 

Black Nails Remix (2017)

Miller_Schnug Image.jpg


No, Smoking! (2014)

Satori Loser Know-No Image.jpg

Satori Loser- Know-No (2018)

Federico Ughi- Heart Talk Image.jpg

Federico Ughi-

Heart Talk (2016)

Federico Ughi Quartet- Image.jpg

Federico Ughi Quartet (2011)

Satori Loser Image.jpg

Satori Loser (2018)

Soundcloud 1.jpg

Three Daves- (2015)

Demian Richardson Quartet Image.jpg

Demain Richardson 

Quartet (2009)

Word Games Image.jpg

Word Games- Rough Lay (2009)

Full Moon Day- Image.jpg

Full Moon Day-

Schnug, Miller, Moss, Kosack (2007)

Ophelia Cache- New York, NY- Cracks 

Acoustic (2018)

Federico Quartet- Area Sismica, Forli, Italy- (2013)

Face- The Stone, New York, NY- Epic (2013)

Ben Miller- Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra Quartet, New York, NY- Suspiciousness (2011)

Jewel Thief- Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY- Nuclear War (Sun Ra Cover)- (2009)

Tell The Audient Void- Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL- Pantagruel (2007)

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