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Public Figure- 

Woodwind player and beat maker. Public Figure has lived in NYC for twelve years, working with many creative musicians, touring Europe and the US. Playing free jazz, making house beats, playing in art rock bands, he's all over the place and likes to make sure the music stays weird. 



Alan Bjorklund-

I am Alan Bjorklund. I've worked as a trumpet player & sound engineer in NYC for 15 years, my bands include FACE, Smirk, Amygdala & AB Trio. The sounds of these groups are born from music released on Pi. I am busy producing studio tracks with musicians & vocalists while working as a software test engineer at MakerBot Industries. My influences range from classic funk to free jazz, and modern hiphop & soul, to the most polythrhmic polytonal jazz of today. There is a groove, even if its not what you expected.. 

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